Swimming Pool Technology Update
by Elaine Wallin

The latest technology of the late 1990’s is the complete automation of the residential swimming pool and spa.

An in house display unit is programmed to automatically control the endless options around the pool. These options include lights, pumps, heaters, and waterfalls, to name a few. More advanced systems enable homeowners to dial from a mobile phone to activate the spa and set the desired temperature upon arrival at home to enjoy a relaxing warm spa.

Another popular advancement in swimming pool technology is the "Automatic Cover" installation. With the push of a button your pool can be uncovered and ready for use. There are even alternative sanitizers developed by NASA using ionization technology which makes your pool chlorine free. As we approach the year 2000, the swimming pool industry has become very user friendly. Having just returned from the National Swimming Pool Trade Show this past week -- there is an item worth noting. There is a new child safety device consisting of a wrist watch sensor, worn by a child, that automatically sets off an alarm in the house if the child falls into the swimming pool.

To see some of the latest advancements in swimming pools and home spas visit Wallin Pool Inc. 132 Federal Road, Danbury, CT. 203-792-2440.

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