Hunter Douglas Goes Country

Country is one of the most popular styles of decorating in America, and experts say it’s here to stay! It’s a style with a growing sophistication of its own, reflecting our stressed, peripatetic lifestyles and the need for warmth, comfort and individualism in our homes.

When asked how they would define country experts responded with "Country is always changing and growing. Now it’s more clean and refreshing -- less cluttered. Country is really a collecting thing: It’s all about people putting collections together -- regional artifacts, an eclectic mix of items from other countries like Tuscany, England and France. All can work to bring warmth of Country wherever you are.

Window treatments can best accent the country look with a mix of modern to keep it fresh looking. If there’s a lot going on in a room, a simple window treatment can help. Or you can layer a window with curtains, like we do on a sofa or bed with lots of blankets -- but you’ve got to have a basic shade to keep it simple, then add as musch as you want.

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