Solid Surface Kitchen and Bath
Counter Top Alternatives

One advantage to remodeling your kitchen or bath these days is the many alternatives available in counter top selection. In the old days, Formica was the top of choice. Today we find Formica outdated and replaced with choices in solid surface, granite and stainless steel. Featured today is another very fine alternative to Corian that averages abot 20 to 30 percent less in price! This product is called Topstone.
Topstone is a highly durable solid surface material composed of nature’s minerals and acrylic polymers to provide a remarkable product that is nonporous, easy to clean, stain resistant, and impermeable to almost all usual chemical substances. Dirt or foreign properties cannot lodge in Topstone and it is resists microbial growth. It is perfectly hygeienic and resists stains better than stone or marble.
Although Topstone is tough and high performing, it is easy to install, cuts like plywood, and shapes with normal power tools. The surface is renewable, so any incidental nicks, mars or scratches can be easily removed with fine sandpaper or with a green Scotch-Brite pad. Even cracks or breaks can be restored with a unique two-part epoxy repair kit, which also provides seamless joints for large areas and miters.
The color pattern of Topstone goes all the way through from top to bottom (1/2 inch material like Corian). Other solid surface materials like Wilsonart SSV are only 1/8 inch thick. As with all solid surface counter tops, the front edge is built up to allow for a decorative edge (free with Topstone).
Along with 100% customer satisfaction (as always), Topstone comes with a residential LIFETIME warranty. Compare that with other solid surface products, which may have up to a ten-year warranty at most! Once you purchase your Topstone counter top, you can feel confident that your new, durable investment will give you many years of pleasure and compliments. Call Euphoria Kitchen and Bath LTD for more information. Rich or Jerry will be more than happy to show you the product and give you a free estimeate on your counter top project. Euphoria’s showroom is located at the intersecftion od Adam’s Street and harris Raod in Bedford Hills: the phone number is (914) 241-3046. Mention this article for an additional 15% off your new Topstone counter top.