Introduced to the U.S. four years ago, Pergo Original Flooring has been available in Europe for more than a decade. Today it is distributed in 30 countries and has been installed in millions of homes worldwide.

‘We believe that with its variety of beautiful designs and durable surface, Pergo is the best hard-surface floor, overall," said Anne West, vice president of residential marketing for Perstop Flooring. "For instance, Pergo won’t tear, stain or fade like vinyl or carpeting; it won’t dent, stain or fade, and it never needs sanding or refinishing like wood; and it won’t crack or stain like ceramic. In fact, you can put out a cigarette on Pergo without leaving a permanent mark.

" Perstop Flooring is so confident in Pergo Original’s durability that it comes with a 15 year warranty against stains, fading and wear-through.

Perstop Flooring has introduced six new and innovative designs, including: Amsterdam Oak, Black and White Painted Checkerboard, Brown and Beige Painted Checkerboard, Newport Green, Gunstock Oak, and Travertine Stone.

"In our 20th year, we wanted to introduce patterns that represent the limitless possibilities of laminate floor design," said West. "When we invented laminate flooring, we revolutionized the flooring industry forever. Today, our goal is to revolutionize the way people look at floors.

"For years, consumers have considered the floor difficult and costly to replace during remodeling projects. Therefore, rooms have been updated, but floors have remained the same. However, with Pergo, consumers have a product that is affordable, easy to install and easy to maintain. Add to that Pergo’s wide variety of styles and colors, and 15-year warranty, and it’s no wonder why Pergo Original recently earned a Consumer Digest Best Buy rating."

The new designs include the following:

• Amsterdam Oak -- This design enhances the American "love affair" with oak by adding a touch of class with a parquet look. This is Pergo’s 20th Anniversary Design, commemorating the 20th anniversary of Perstop Flooring’s invention of laminate flooring.

• Checkerboard -- This pattern has a hand-painted look, providing a fresh approach to checkerboard. The design is ideal for a casual atmosphere, creating a feeling of nostalgia. The design’s inspiration comes from the revival of the arts and crafts movement. The checkerboard comes in Black and White and Brown and Beige colorations.

• Newport Green -- Beautiful in either a contemporary or traditional setting, this rustic wood designs provides the look of natural greens with earth undertones.• Gunstock Oak -- This elegant and formal long-strip oak pattern is versatile enough to be used in any room.

• Travertine Stone -- A design with a refined and beautiful look, which coordinates with any different decors and lifestyles, while providing the look of a stone floor without the problems.

All six new designs feature a variety of matching wallbases and molding to create a graceful transition between a Pergo Original floor, and adjoining walls and flooring.

Pergo Original consists of planks measuring 47 inches long, eight inches wide and one third inch thick. Planks are glued together to form a "floating floor" that can be laid directly over almost any subfloor.

Each Pergo Original plank has three main components which are bonded together to create a very tough flooring product. The wear-resistant surface is made of high-pressure melamine laminate, which is bonded to a specially developed, moisture resistant, wood-based core, called PerCoreŽ 85. A final balancing backing is bonded to the underside of the core for stability. This unique construction allows Pergo to resist moisture, stains, burns, burns, and impacts and indentations from high heels, furniture and appliances.

In addition, Pergo Original will not fade in sunlight, meaning consumers can rearrange furniture as often as they like without worrying about revealing faded patches. So, Pergo floors installed at different times, even years apart, will match exactly.

Furthermore, Pergo actually repels dust, feels comfortable underfoot and has an extremely low emission of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which make it the perfect choice for consumers concerned about allergies and a healthy home environment.

Pergo Original is easily installed by a "do-it-yourselfer" or by a flooring professional. Because each plank is just one-third each thick, the floating floor can be laid directly over any floor or sub-floor as long as it is dry, level and smooth.

Vacuuming and an occasional wipe with a damp mop are all the regular care a Pergo floor needs. Tough stains such as nail polish, ink, fruit juice and even tar are easily removed with acetone (nail polish remover) or household solvent.