Beauty of Vessels Collection Adds New Element To Bath Décor

If you think that all sinks are created equal, think again. Vessels are a decorative option that comes in a wide variety of options. The Vessels collection of above-counter ceramic lavatories from Kohler offers design lines that are visually pleasing in their simplicity and surface treatments that are inviting to the touch.

These lavatories are individually handcrafted with subtle textural variations that add to their appeal. Their innovative above-counter installation styles, as well as several specialty glazes, bring a distinctive look to any bath or powder room.

Vessels debuts with three models. A delicate swirl lines the basin of the Turnings lavatory; the Conical Bell lavatory features the simplicity of a softly curved bowl. The Hex Strata offers a distinctive hexagonal shape.

Designed to coordinate with a variety of Kohler bathtub, toilet and bidet designs, Vessels interject an eclectic touch that is both new and old. Couple them with stone or marble countertops and they evoke the antiquity of a Roman bath. Installed on a wooden countertop or vanity, they convey the look and feel of a washstand from the Victorian era. Paired with smooth ceramic tile, they offer the serenity of an Oriental bath. Create a minimalist décor by "floating" a Vessels basin on a glass vanity. The clean, simple lines of Vessels provide decorating flexibility. With a little imagination, homeowners can create a look that is distinctively their own, no matter the overall room décor.

All three lavatories offer generous basins. The Turnings and Conical Bell lavatories measure 16-1/4" in diameter; the Hex Strata lavatory, 19-5/8" x 17-1/8".

Vessels are available in an extensive palette of Kohler colors, including three high gloss glazes – White Brilliance, Black Brilliance and Blue Brilliance. Additionally, they may be ordered in one of six textural glazes, which lend a satiny finish. Clay has the markings characteristic or reddish brown brick. Cream City peppers a background of warm cream with flecks of black and brown. Igneous Blue captures the deep blue of a midnight sky. Igneous Black takes on the appearance of lava. Biscuit Satin and White Satin resemble the look of spun sugar or meringue. These glazes offer a harmonious scheme when paired with ivories, light neutrals and other natural tones.


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