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Rain, wind, snow and ice attack homes each winter, opening cracks around windows and doors and in roofs and foundations. Homeowners need reinforcements.
Inspect your home for cracks and gaps created by harsh weather. Sealing cracks with caulk prevents costly water and insect damage while holding down energy bills.
Each winter, cold weather dries wood, breaks concrete mortar and cracks seams. Moisture enters cracks, causing wood to rot, paint to blister and mortar to deteriorate.
With warmer weather approaching, inspect your home and seal cracks before damage occurs. Examine the following areas:

• Inspect seams around sinks, tubs and tile in the bathroom and kitchen. Water damage occurs quickly in these high-use, humid areas. New caulk products are more flexible than older ones. Many are mildew and crack proof.

• Check both the interior and exterior of your home for cracks and gaps around windows, doors, vents and siding. Seal cracks to prevent water damage and drafts. Some caulks, sealants and adhesives can be applied in cold or wet weather.

• Inspect gutters for leaks. Snow and ice can damage gutters, allowing water to seep in through the roof.

• Check the foundation for cracks. In addition to moisture and erosion damage, insects such as termites, ants and bees can creep in making your home, their home. Inspecting the foundation is much less expensive than an exterminator.

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