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Do you have a rotted window sill that’s in need of repair? A chair or favorite rocker that’s been marred with scratches, or gnawed-at by pets? Woodwork that’s been banged up from moving furniture around? There’s no need to stare at these marks and imperfections day after day- they’re easy to fix, according to Bondex International. Bondex manufactures a variety of easy-to-use wood repair products like Plastic Wood, America’s leading brand of wood filler. Here are some helpful hints for fixing up damaged furniture, doors,
windowsills, cabinets, and paneling:
To quickly conceal minor scratches, nicks, and chips, use Bondex Wood Stain Pen. Apply just like a regular felt tip marker, stroking in the direction of the scrape. Immediately wipe with a clean cloth to remove any excess stain. Stain Pens are available in light and dark colors to match most wood tones. For deep scratches, Bondex also makes a Wood Repair Kit that contains Stain Pens and colored wax filler sticks to fill in voids.

Plastic Wood, a high-quality wood fibre filler, can be used to fill deep holes and gouges. Apply with a putty knife, slightly overfilling to allow for sanding down to a smooth surface. Plastic Wood can be stained, painted, or varnished after it dries. It gives a body that looks and acts like wood, and can even be cut, drilled, or planed. And it holds screws or nails without splitting.

A dent results from a blow that crushes and compresses the wood fibres. Dents in furniture can sometimes be fixed by swelling the wood fibres back up with moisture from steam. Place a damp cloth over the dent and hold a medium-hot iron over it, being careful not to burn the surface. Do not use this technique with furniture, paneling, or cabinets that have veneer surfaces, as moisture can pop off the veneer. Instead, use Plastic Wood or a colored wax filler stick to fill dents and gouges.

Loose Rungs On Chairs
Bondex makes Wood Swell & Lock, a compound that swells and tightens loose chair rungs, dowels, and mortise joints. It comes in a squeeze tube for easy application. Clean any old glue residue off the surface before applying the compound, so it can soak into the pores of the wood. This product is also good for tightening press-fit wood handles on cabinet doors, brushes and brooms, and fixing wood toys.

Rotten Windowsills
Scrape away the soft, rotted wood, and fill with Plastic Wood. Sand and stain when dry. For outdoor projects, use Exterior Plastic Wood, which cures by th UV rays of the sun to an epoxy-tough surface. It’s ideal for repairing sashes, sills, and trim.
Bondex wood repair products are available at hardware stores, home centers, and paint and decorating outlets.

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