Welcome to our demo web site.
This site was designed to provide a sample of what we

can do for your company.

First off, let's go over how a web site works.

1. A name search must be done on the name you wish to use for your company's web address (i.e.: yourcompany.com). We will handle the search based on your choices (this is included with your setup fee). You will be billed separately from Internic, they are the company that is in charge of maintaining the tremendous amount of web addresses in existence. The fee for the first 2 years is $100 US, $50 every year thereafter. The bill arrives at your place of business approximately 1 week after submission and is due within 3 weeks.

2. Your site must be designed. This is where this demo site comes in. There are 3 different basic packages that we offer, one of which should fit your business' needs. The links to these pages are above. Keep in mind that these are very generic sites. They are intended to give you a general idea of what is available. Package A is a basic one-page straight forward "ad" for your company. This is an entry level site that retails for $50. Package B offers many more of the features found on most pages today. It is affordably priced at $140. Package C is the big one. This site includes all of the major features found on web sites today such as use of frames, forums, response forms, etc. and retails for only $250. All custom additional work is billed at $50/hour.

3. You must have a home to host your service. This is the "web server" that will hold the files that make up your site. Our hosting services are $35 per month based on a one year contract. This is for up to 50MB of space which is plenty for any of the Web Packages. For our complete turn-key web site packages see our pricing plans page.

That's it! So now check out the different packages we offer by following the links above and decide which package is best suited for your business.

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