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"Your Company Slogan"

A list of services or products with
links to describe them:
(click on Service 1 to see a sample page)

Service 1 | Service 2 | Service 3

Product 1 | Product 2 | Product 3

Other ad copy may be placed on the front page that pertains to your company, services or your products.

A graphic or "eye-catching" photograph
of your choice
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Service 1 | Service 2 | Service 3 | Product 1 | Product 2 | Product 3
Contact Information | Home

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Included with Web Package B is the following:

Technical Specs

English Translation :)

1 Masterhead Graphic atop every page throughout the site

This would be your company's logo graphic

1 Top-of-page graphic for every page in your site This would be for headings such as the title of the page (ie: Service 1)
10 links to other pages within your site
Each page includes 1 graphic and a text description
These are pages for your pictures of products or services that you offer along with descriptions
Total words of text 1000 We are pretty flexable about this and of course more is allowed if supplied on disk
Colorfull bullets, horizontal lines, etc. We can use your graphics or create custom graphics for you (ie: if you were a painter you might desire a paintbrush for a bullet)
Use of background images Same as above. In order to set the theme for your site we can use your graphics or create something based on your specs.
2 POP3/SMTP email accounts
with links to each on every page
This means you will recieve 2 email addresses (ie:,, etc.)
Buttons for each will be placed on any and all pages you desire
1 minute of Real Audio or 30 seconds of Real Video Streaming media Streaming technology allows Audio/Video to be viewed in real time over the internet.
You may use this for an audio or video commercial or to showcase a particular product or service.
Search engine submission to 400+ resources based on your keywords The most ethical and practical way to be noticed on the internet today is through the use of search engine submission. People find sites on the internet primarily by searching a search engine. We submit your site to the top 400+.
Total Pages 12 This includes your main page, 10 links and a contact information page for your email, mailing and showroom addresses as well as your phone and fax number.

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While it is next to impossible to generalize the contents of a web site we have tried
our best to incorporate the most desirable features at an affordable price.
We will work closely with you to achieve a site that looks both professional and
provides a great resource for your customers.

If you require more than this for your site perhaps Web Package C is more for you.

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