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Continuing its effort to provide the broadest selection and most current styling in the do-it-yourself (D-I-Y) tile market, Congoleum has added two new designs to its D-I-Y Tile lineup. The Designer CarefreeŽ line gains the "Subtleties" design, while the CarefreeŽ line has been expanded with "Devonshire."

"Congoleum’s expertise in D-I-Y tile allows us to offer the best all-around value in the category," said Bob Fine, Congoleum’s director of floor tile product management. "Our products integrate trend-setting colorations, appealing designs, durable construction, easy maintenance, and affordability. In other words, they’re right in step with the priorities of today’s consumers."

• Designer Carefree "Subtleties" features an engaging combination of custom insets and weathered pavers in a random-pattern tile design. Three colorations are available: Light Sandstone, Cool White/Delft, and Clay Beige. Designer Carefree products incorporate a satin-gloss vinyl wear surface for easy care and soft patina. This popularly priced line is covered by Congoleum’s Two-Star Warranty

.• Carefree "Devonshire" has a classic marble look, with an octagonal center surrounded by contrasting mosaic tiles. Three colorations are offered: Winter White, Nu Beige, and Hunter Green.

Carefree products have a durable satin-gloss vinyl wear surface. Offered at a basic price point, they are covered by Congoleum’s One-Star Warranty.

Intricate picture frames or heirloom rocking chairs, whatever the project or task, the Contour Sander from Dremel allows users to get in and out of tight spots, providing ultra smooth results far faster than hand sanding. This tool kit with its 10 different sanding contours make it easy to tackle tough, intricate jobs whether it’s fitting in between the slats of a window shutter, reaching the grooves of baseboards and moldings or following the curves of chair rungs.

Developed specifically for woodworkers, do-it-yourselfers or hobby enthusiasts, the Contour Sander’s light-weight design, just 1.75 lbs., allows for hours of comfortable use and control without fatigue. Other consumer friendly features include sanding contours which are molded into a variety of convex, concave and angled shapes and a detail pad which accompany the tool. These accessories make the Dremel Contour Sander extremely versatile, providing consumers with a contour and detail sander all in one. This gives users the ability to sand a range of curved and angled shapes, as well as larger flat surfaces and hard-to-reach corners.

In designing the Contour Sander and its accessories, Dremel made ease of use a priority. To that end, the company created sanding tubes that fit easily over each contour. This innovative feature allows the tubes to rotate in order to use the entire sanding surface, extending the life of the paper and eliminating waste. the kit includes three sanding tubes and sheets of hook and loop paper in coarse, medium and fine grits.

Changing sanding contours and sand paper is also quick and easy. the sander’s exclusive quick-change accessory release requires no tools or special keys. Simply push the lever at the front of the tool to release the accessory holder, slide the contour shape or detail pad into the holder and push the unit back into its housing until it clicks securely in place.

Based on consumer input, the contour Sander also incorporates other key features, such as: variable speeds ranging from 4,000 to 8,500 strokes per minute for precision and control; separate on/off and variable speed switches; an easy-grip housing to accommodate a variety of grip preferences; a 10-foot power cord for maximum freedom of movement; a cool-running, ball bearing motor; and replaceable motor brushes that allow the sander to perform longer and operate more efficiently.

The variable speeds and reciprocating action of this sander provide precision and control with ultra-smooth results on a variety of surfaces including wood, ceramic and metal, and intricate carvings; refinishing furniture; remove rust, paint and varnish; and finishing routed profiles.

The Dremel Contour Sander retails for approximately $79, carries a two-year warranty and is available at most major home centers, hardware stores and mass merchants nationwide. Each Contour Sander kit includes: the variable speed Contour Sander; 10 sanding contours; one detail sanding pad; three sanding tubes; three sheets of hook and loop sandpaper; instructional manual; and customized storage case.

For more than sixty-five years, Dremel, based in Racine, Wisconsin, has been the world leader in the design and manufacture of high speed multipurpose rotary tools and superior benchtop products. The Dremel MultiProŽ Cordless and MiniMite cordless tools are engineered to match the rotating speed with the shape and type of bit to deliver the performance that’s right for almost any job. The Professional High Speed Rotary tool, which is designed for the serious or heavy-duty tool user, has just been added to Dremel’s product line this fall. the Dremel scroll saw and products like the versatile disc/belt sander, electric engraver, VersaTip and Contour Sander complete the company’s product line.

The basic function of a door inside a home is to provide ready room-to-room access. But, ironically, standard doors often do just the opposite in homes where physically challenged people live.

The reason? Conventional doors are designed to swing in and out of entryways in arcs of up to ten square feet, acutely limiting the manner in which people in wheelchairs can approach and go through them. However, with a Johnson Pocket Door Frame Kit, nearly any inside entryway can be quickly and affordable converted to make access easier.

The frame kit allows doors to slide to slide across entryways, instead of having to swing through them. So all of the floor space surrounding either side of virtually out of sight when open, then across the entryway when closed.

Furthermore, the Johnson Hardware kits fit doors in a broad range of sizes including wider dimensions to facilitate wheelchair access. Installation using the kits is a job that construction professionals can handle in just a few minutes and that do-it-yourselfers can normally complete within a half-hour.

In addition to crating accessibility, pocket door installation can enhance household decor by contributing a modern look and making interior spaces feel open and uncluttered. The frames can be used with doors of virtually any design.

To ensure smooth, maintenance-free operation over the years, Johnson has incorporated several design innovations that eliminate problems once associated with doors in walls. The company backs its frame kit with a lifetime guarantee.

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